Google’s Algorithm Changes – Pushing up “High-Quality Content Sites”

According to Google’s Blog we can understand that Google have updated their algorithm recently, they are consistently working to improve their search result ranking. As result of their?algorithm?changes 11.8% of search queires will affect and low-content sites is being pushed down instantly.

We are all (Seo Professionals) aware that Content is always the KING in SEO. But why do they now give more importance on the content to refine their search ranking? this is the current question. Let’s we see that now;

1) Getting indexed on Google’s Profile in their search result – on March 2 2011 they have announced in their blog:

Decide what the world sees when it searches for you (

2) Social Search – Google announces that they have made some improvements to Google Social Search; how?

2-i) Google search result will now be mixed in with your search result but it will no longer appear on their search result.

2-ii) If any one of your social connection people have shared your result on another sites or add a note then that will also be included in their search result.

2-iii) Google is giving more control to manage your profile publicly and privately; based on that your profile will be connecting with social search.

3) When you do any search on Google, it will show the result along with the social search results. For example, your twitter, flickr. If any one of your tweets reweeted by some one and the same tweets shared with your connection that will get more value and will be reflect in search result on google search.

Now if you search anything on the Google, it will show the result first from the News sites (if it’s a hot news on your place), publish medium (wikipedia), Live Stream medium, Share medium (like, youtube), Official sites of your search queries, Microbloging results, images results finally if any other virutal sales (it can sell any of your search queires related products, services etc…)

From now getting high position in Google search result ranking will be challenging one because of these changes. Fake/low quality sites will be no more in the top position in the forthcoming index. eg. Yahoo answers, ehow, one page blogs etc.

Publish more fresh content, create new stories for your product / services to get good results, be active in all of your social connections and make sure all of your social medias are working fine. Thats it, don’t worry about ranking among top 10 in google.

hope this would help you all. Any queries or changes, please feel free to share your feedback in the comment section below.

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