Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide from Google

I am sharing the Guide in PDF format which already have shared by Google for the Beginner of Search Engine Optimization. This will be a good take off to a Search Engine Optimizer.

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To read in Browser, Please click here: Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide.


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How B2B Decision Makers are using Social media?

A new study from Forrester Research, it shows that use of social media is wide range among B2B Decisioin Makers in North America and Europe. According to the report, however, their resons for using social media platforms differ widely.

As per the report, B2B Decision Makers from the IT, finance, marketing, benefits and sales departments of SMB and enterprise companies, with 100 or more employees. Find below the key results reveal by Forrester.

1) 85% visit brand-agnostic sites at least monthly, most of them for business, personal purposes.

2) 82% visit LinkedIn at least monthly, for both business(48%) & personal (26%)

3) 81% also visit facebook with the same frequency, although only 2% do search for business purposes

4) 62% use Twitter at least monthly, but for personal reasons (20%)

5) 8...

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I would like to share the inforgraphics data about social media recruiting in 2013;  the majority of recruiters use social media sites like facebook, linkedin and twitter to find and access job candidates, their profiles from job boards and social networking sites.

According to the data in the infographic from RecruitLoop shown below, Big agencies & departments are surprising leads in social media recruiting.

Here are some points from the social media infographics;

1) Most desirable companies have more followers in Twitter than Facebook likes.

2) Recruiters & Company career channels are using Facebook than twitters.

3) YouTube has most viewed Company Career channels; Defence Jobs Australia is beating Goolge on Youtube.

Now most of the top talent recruiters started using Social Media & Net...

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Google Clarifies your Business Listings in Google Places

The new clarifications has been updated in Google Places guidelines; that is your Business Listings page cannot contain any URLs that redirect to other URLs.

Google’s clarification includes;

1) Do not include URL Redirection with your marketing tracking parameters.
2) Do not include any marketing tag lines <keywords>

Jade Wang, Google Maps support representative, added her clarification in Google Business Help forums yesterday.

Please find Jade’s clarification and examples below;

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Google Panda update #25 – Expected this weekend

Guys, Time to think about “Panda 25″ – YesMatt Cutts, Distinguised Engineer, Google Inc., announced about the new search algorithm at the SMX conference in Austin, Texas. and many sites have published this information, i also would like to share this information to my team and followers.

As per Matt Cutts word, this will be a significant updates in search engine algorithm,

– This will be a another massive attack on poor quality content and content spam, keyword stuffing.
– Link building should be your very last focus. So don’t go behind unnatural “backlinks” will absolutely kill your SEO rankings.
– Keyword density – if your content is not written in a natural way & you are not considering LSI (Language Studies International) you will be punished.

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Sourcing ‘Titles with specific experience’ by X-ray search

“I search for young and enthusiastic managing directors with 3 years of experience in the current company, but Google gives me profiles of all directors in the universe”

Does this problem sound familiar? There is a small fine tuning or improvisation required in you search to get the most desired candidates, to build the database of your life.

Here are few example searches that will help you Micro target candidates based on title:

Director profiles with 2+ years in the current company:

( OR ” “Current * director” “present (2 years * ” -pub/dir

Current managing director profiles with 3+ years of experience in current company:

( OR site:linkedin...

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If you are someone who is spending a lot of money on old but expensive email lists and email directories, then you got to try LeadResearcher Pro.

LeadResearcher Pro helps you to find email address by name in 3 simple steps.

All you need to do is:

1. Enter the First Name and Last Name of the contacts.
2. Enter the Company Names.
3. Click “Find Email“.


LeadResearcher Pro intelligently searches social & professional networks, job boards, list portals, blogs and other deep-web sources in real-time and instantly displays the email addresses of your prospects.

With LeadResearcher Pro, you can find UNLIMITED number of email addresses and save a lot of time and money.

Click here to download the fully functional trial version of LeadResearcher Pro today.

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Facebook’s $1 messaging services

Facebook’s messaging system, which is rolling out to USA users & started caring more about its users from strangers. Facebook understands that every users are getting messages from unknown users / strangers.

If you are in the USA – you have noticed that facebook now charging $1.00 for you to send messages to someone that you are not “connected to” on facebook.

If you try to send message to someone you might get something like below;

To avoid getting messages from unknown users (who aren’t conntect with you or in your friend’s list), its charging $1 messaging services to send messages. Now, facebook expanding their revenue model than their fb advertisement, apps, sending gifts to users, is trying to get more user credit / debit cards on file.

I am not sure how often the average person chec...

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Names of boolean string experts for sourcing candidates through Google

Here is the list of Top Boolean string experts for sourcing candidates through google, LinkedIn through google, bing and other search engines.

This will help you when you want to find/get the boolean search strings to build passive / active candidate’s database through search engines/social networking sites through Google, Bing.

1) Irina Shamaeva – (
2) Glen Cathey – (
3) Gary Cozin – (
4) Kameron Swinton (
5) Glenn Gutmacher (
6) Jim Stroud (
7) Shally Steckerl (
8) Shannon Myers (http://www.linkedin...

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How to instantly update contact information for 1000s of contacts?

Updating contact information in your database is a time-consuming task. It may take days, weeks or even months to manually check all the records in your database and find out if the contacts are still working in the same companies as mentioned in the records. If the contacts have moved to other companies, you need to get the latest business contact data and then update the contact information. This is where an Internet research tool such as LeadResearcher Pro can help you to instantly update contact information for 1000s of contacts.

LeadResearcher Pro, a powerful Internet research tool, helps you to instantly update contact information such as company, title, email address and phone numbers of your contacts in 2 simple steps:

1. Import your business contact list into LeadResearcher Pro.

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